• Our Mission

    90% of the developing world and millions of women don't have access to breast cancer early detection. The incidence of breast cancer is expected to continue growing (after doubling in just two decades) and with that the mortality rate mainly due to late stage detection.


    With innovative technologies and a passionate team, our mission is to make the hope of early detection a reality.

  • Maharashtra Launch

    We thank Empathy Foundation and Maharashtra Gov. for this pioneering initiative

    It's good to have partners!

    UE LifeSciences welcomes SRL Daignostics, Medall and Metropolis Labs

  • News & Milestones

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    Kiran Mazumdar - Shaw Invests in UE LifeSciences

    Kiran Mazumdar - Shaw invests in UE LifeSciences

    UE LifeSciences’ affordable, high-tech iBreastExam device is uniquely positioned to address this challenge effectively in both urban and rural India.... read more

    Entrepreneurs with social mission

    Economic Times, June 28 2016

    "The developed world has access to early detection, better treatment and hence the outcomes were fantastic, unlike the low and middle income countries where the survival rate is poor because of lack of early detection"... read more

    iBreastExam receives US FDA Clearance

    UE LifeSciences receives US FDA clearance for it's iBreastExam™ device... read more

    Hi-Tech At Low Cost

    Forbes India, July 2016

    The company has built and commercialized an ultra-portable scanner that pairs up with a smartphone and local health workers can be trained to use them... read more

    $3M investment from Aarin, USF

    VC Circle, Sep 14 2015

    The company to expand trials of its newly developed hand-held breast health examination device called ‘iBreastExam’ in India. It will also look to set up its manufacturing units and build distribution networks through public and private primary care providers... read more

    StartHealth Grant Award

    UE LifeSciences selected for StartHealth Program, breast cancer screening to get a boost in India... read more

    Grant Award from Pennsylvania State Health Department

    Breast cancer diagnostics firm gets grant to advance “intelligent” device for early stage detection... read more

  • iBreastExam™

    Innovative materials technology and mobile computing brought together in the form of an ultra-portable wireless breast scanner.

    Visit iBE™ Website


  • NoTouch BreastScan™

    FDA cleared, contact-less and radiation-free, physiological breast imaging. Suitable for women of all ages, including young women, women with dense breasts & women at high risk for breast cancer.


    Visit NoTouch BreastScan™ Website

  • Mihir Shah, Founder

    After witnessing several members of my family & friends get diagnosed with breast cancer, I founded UE LifeSciences in Jan 2009. My singular vision is to make breast cancer early detection possible for women everywhere, regardless of age, color or any other demographic. In the past four years, we have developed two innovations that make me feel very optimistic towards the future.


    There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction - JFK


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  • Matt Campisi,

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Dedicated to develop and commercialize globally adoptable medical device technologies. Meet our Co-Founder and CTO, Prof. Matthew Campisi.

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